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The Most Popular Restaurant Point of Sales Software Trends

In the restaurant industry, things change pretty fast! Read and discover the most popular restaurant Point of Sales software trends on the market!


Thanks to the improvements in technology, you can now learn more about your customers, your loyal buyers, and your visitors and use that feedback to enhance the way you do business.

Today, things change pretty fast, especially in the restaurant industry, and if you don’t keep up with these changes or aren’t familiar with these changes, you will be forced to close your restaurant in just a few months.

In this article, we will discuss the most popular restaurant Point of Sales software trends and how your restaurant can use them to improve communication, profit and customer experience.

  • Mobile Ordering – Mobile ordering POS tablets that help you restaurant reshape the ordering, as well as, serving experience is without a doubt the biggest trend on the market. With a mobile tablet, your staff can take care of the orders in just a few clicks. There are numerous options and add-ons that can be clicked, options about cooking temperature, proteins, can be selected, and much more. The orders can be clearly and quickly confirmed with the guest. The tablets eliminate the need for running back and forth to and from the kitchen and allow you to take a better care for your guests.
  • Customer Voice Surveys – Do you want to enhance the way your restaurant is run and maybe learn about which menu items to cut and which ones to keep? Well, now you can do that by providing your customers with a survey. The customer feedback surveys are a trend in restaurant POS software. For example, after a meal, you can come up with a survey for diners and ask the guests to rate their experience.
  • Suspicious Activity Alerts – You want to be able to have trust in your employees, your staff members and feel 100% confident in your abilities to hire the right people to work at your restaurant. POS monitoring systems and employee theft deterrence will save you a serious cash. You will have access to transaction monitoring (in real-time). Also, you will get updates and alerts when transactions are cancelled, get notifications when a higher level of comps appear, and etc.

The right Point of Sales software can make your business simpler and your job easier than ever. Look for a POS system that focus on visibility, hospitality, and safe transactions.

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