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8 Open-Source and Free Point of Sales Software Solutions

Looking for a free point of sales software? Look no further, read this article, and discover the best open-source and free POS solutions!


Yes, Free Point of Sales solutions exist, even though you will still have to purchase the hardware (scanner, printer, register or a tablet).

In this article, we will present you the best open-source options which come with free versions and one freemium product.

  1. VendHQ – This is one of the most popular names in the POS industry. The free option is for extremely small retailers. You will get access to some inventory management, user management, customer profiles, and etc. If you want to upgrade to the premium solution, that will cost you $69 per month.
  2. ProffittCenter – This is a cash register which means that it takes money, proceeds transactions, run discounts, and etc. This device doesn’t have inventory management options or run reports. It has an easy-to-use interface and a great customer support.
  3. ZeroPOS – This is an Android-based point of sale solution which is completely free for all essential POS functionalities. With the free version, you will get access for 3 registers, however, there are plenty of features to choose from.
  4. uniCenta – This is one of the most popular names in open-source point of sale software industry. It has CRM, reporting, inventory management, employee management features, and much more. The setup is flexible, the software is 100% free and you can upgrade to a subscription service.
  5. Loyverse POS – This is a totally free point of sales application intended for use on any Android or iOs devices. This app was created with the intention of making it super simple to build customer loyalty and trust through technology.
  6. Keyhut – This is a completely free Point of Sales software that can help startups, small and medium businesses to compete with larger brands. For extremely small businesses, the software can be easily run off a computer. It supports multiple registers.
  7. Imonggo – A POS solution which is well-suited to one location and allows you to manage 1000 items and 1000 transactions per month. The free version doesn’t support offline mode and you can use Android device, iPad or PC to run Imonggo.
  8. Floreant POS – An open-source and free POS solution built for restaurants. You can use a tablet to run this app in your restaurant. Floreant connects to kitchen printers, gives managers a set of tools, runs a great set of reports, and allows you to manage recipes and menus.

Choose the right POS software according to your business needs.

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